Hello world!

Welcome to MadeInZion reloaded. This first post will be in english, but any translators from all around the world can join and help.

Made in Zion is an idea.

The idea that time has come to live in harmony and peace with Nature. Not as a political or way, but as a practical and daily usage.

All the crisis we had to go through were created by some governing people. Motivated by greed, empowerment or selfishness. It is obvious that any group is stronger than individuals. So Made in Zion is a seed. A network of networks of %makers. A resilient group of humans, everyday building the world for the better.

It is time to become United. Not the way NewWorldOrder seems to prepare. The way people wants it to be. The way people makes it better.

In practice. Everyone of us is a creator. In spirit, in action, in reality.

MadeInZion is using the Astroport networking layer to store and share data among our community. DIY projects will be transmitted as recipes created by people from the %maker group.

Our information system will be designed to identify, localize, coordinate all the needed resources to fulfill #N1 quests